From prosthetics to prevention guards to waxrims, our removables are top quality.

Full Denture/ Immediate
Partial Denture
Partial Framework (Standard)
Partial Framework (Premium)
TCS/ Flexible
Valplast/ Flexible
Duracetal Single Shade
Duraetal Dual Shade
Stayplate Flipper
Nightguard (Hard)
Nightguard (Soft)
Nightguard (Combo)
Talon Nightguard

Partial Denture

Our removable partial dentures are fabricated to fill in the space created by missing teeth and restore acceptable function to the area.

Partial Framework

A quality, durable framework is essential for any partial denture.

Partial Denture Framework

Call us now to order your premium partial framework.


Unparallelled comfort and esthetics is found in our flexible partial dentures.


Just what you should expect from the name Valplast. This flexible denture provides comfort, as well as a natural appearance and durability.

Duracetal Single Shade

Duracetal Dual Shade

Stayplate Flipper

To support your patients’ oral function during the interim, stayplate flippers are essential.

Night Guard (Hard)

Keep teeth safe from clenching and grinding with a hard night guard.

Night Guard (soft)

A soft night guard provides comfort, as well as protection against bruxism.

Night Guard (combo)

Talon Night Guard


Ensure a proper fit for any removable prosthetic with our wax rims.